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A 70 years history

MZF4 started its journey in 1953 from strong chemical and textile engineering background, from B2B MTO genetics. In 1978 extended its competence towards biomedical engineering, when the 1st triple 6 polyamide suture for wound closure was designed to JNJ Ethicon. Since then, a complete range of non-absorbable sutures was put in place to attend customers […]

Mazzaferro Medical tailor-made endobuttons

We envision potential disruptive innovation in Sports Medicine. Our Technical Advisory Board members, led by Dr. Castropil, on ACL surgery in the picture below looks for adjustable and fixed loop endobuttons improvements. Mazzaferro Medical: your best OEM partner.

Technical Advisory Board to promote innovation in Sports Medicine

Mazzaferro Medical, a Sports Medicine OEM – focused company, innovates creating a Technical Advisory Board (TAB) with doctors, engineers and those responsible for R&D and manufacturing so that products are designed from conception to final usability. Led by Dr. Wagner Castropil, an experienced sports injury doctor (shoulder and knee surgeon), TAB will stimulate exchange of […]