Delivering Make to Stock and Fast Make to Order solutions

As we position ourselves in the market as the fastest delivery MTS model, we then need to have accurate planning for each product. To accomplish all this, every month we analyze the previous months’ sales plus the additional increase in our portfolio: sutures, sports medicine and surgical meshes, and more newly developed solutions (MTO).

Our team is responding to all needs of different customers and countries every week, keeping it consistently growing. Synergy is very important in the whole process, from customized development (briefing, designing, creating, prototyping, testing) through planning, production, quality, and regulatory review. Prototyping, for example, has a dedicated team that evaluates customers’ needs to achieve all specifications and generate something viable to be scaled up.

Our DNA is to pursue efficiency, innovation, and improvements. Based on this, we are reviewing our layout and storage capacity. We put in place a multidisciplinary team to switch from the current layout to a compact and more integrated one pointing faster delivery and inventory accuracy.

We always look for disruption through simplicity exploring synergies by process consolidation to decrease packaging and shipping time. We are committed to maintain our globally recognized quality, develop better solutions and ensure full delivery with maximum efficiency.

Maycon Santos | COO