Delivering Make to Stock and Fast Make to Order solutions

As we position ourselves in the market as a leading provider of fast MTS (Make to Stock) solutions, meticulous planning for each product becomes imperative. To achieve this, we conduct a monthly analysis of previous sales data, considering the additional growth in our product portfolio, which includes sutures, sports medicine equipment, surgical meshes, and recently developed MTO (Make to Order) solutions.

Our dynamic team remains responsive to the diverse needs of our customers and various countries on a weekly basis, contributing to our consistent growth. Synergy plays a pivotal role throughout the entire process, starting from custom development (including briefing, design, creation, prototyping, and testing), extending to planning, production, quality control, and regulatory review. For instance, our dedicated prototyping team thoroughly assesses customer requirements to meet all specifications and create scalable solutions.

Efficiency, innovation, and continuous improvement are ingrained in our DNA. In line with this ethos, we are currently reevaluating our facility layout and storage capacity. We have assembled a multidisciplinary team to transition from our current layout to a more compact and integrated one, aimed at achieving faster delivery and enhanced inventory accuracy.

We continually seek disruptive opportunities through streamlined processes, exploring synergies to reduce packaging and shipping times. Our unwavering commitment remains in maintaining our globally recognized quality standards, pioneering improved solutions, and ensuring reliable, efficient product delivery.