Brazil Roadshow 2

A three days roadshow in São Paulo state (Brazil).

Udo Kurt Gierlich and Tatiane Galindo at Ortosintese

Paulo Wincheski and Alex Cruz at IOL

Luiz Fernando Santo (General Manager) and Eduardo Wolf at TechImport

Daniela Maris and Michel Cunha at Engimplan

Gilmar Reis and Aline Silva at Aldrivet

Joaquim Costa (General Manager) and Éric (Quality) at Traumédica

César Caritá (Director), André Cerri (Product Specialist) and Lucas Colacrai (Engineer Coordinator) at Traumec

Marcelo Prado (Technical Director) at Lincevet

Tainá Assoni (Supply Chain) at Víncula

Luís Sartori (Owner), Andrielle Sartori (Director) and Rodrigo Milan (Sales Manager) at Sartori (and a delivery made personally by our manager).

José Roberto Pengo (President) and Ana Carolina Pengo (CFO) at Biomecanica. We presented Mazzaferro Medical products and a special Mazzaferro Fishing Kit, with all the latest in sport fishing lines.

Thank you all for your kind welcome and the great meetings!

Claudio Mazzaferro | CEO
Anderson Bueno | Sales Manager