Korea Roadshow

Claudio Mazzaferro at ARC Korea
Our Asia roadshow starts at ARC in Seoul: Mazzaferro Medical’s CEO Claudio Mazzaferro with Yoo Dong Jun (Director of the Central Research Center) and Owen Kim (Marketing Manager) at ARC!

At Aju Pharm in Seoul with Jungho Kim (Medical Devices), Jinkwon Lee (Division Director), Dongmin Kim (Sales & Marketing) and Mingyeong Kwon (R&D). Thank you all for the kind and promising meeting today. Mazzaferro Medical will do its best to help Aju Pharm grow!

At Samyang Corporation’s Discovery Center, an impressive place in Seoul. Thanks to Mr. Min-Youp An and to Mr. Ilyoung Jung for the kind meeting. Always working to establish a common ground between our companies! (images: Google)

Claudio Mazzaferro at Woorhi Medical
“Thanks to Mr. Joo Young Choi (Sales Director) at Woorhi Medical for the kind meeting held in Seoul. There was an immediate and spontaneous connection between our souls… we are both the 2nd generation of family-owned companies, setting the stage for the 3rd to come.”

Claudio Mazzaferro | CEO