Mazzaferro Medical in Düsseldorf

Work begins at MEDICA – Leading International Trade Fair in Dusseldorf (Germany)!


Great meetings in the first day:
• Amanda Ramos (Alinea)
• Anton (Star Medical)
• Rosana Sanae Omoto (Maria Needles)
• Surangkana Srithundron (Peters Surgical)


Thanks to Mr. Rajendra Patel (Chairman of Biotek) for the nice dinner and precious advice… Especially for the shared experiences and your time dedicated to us! Mazzaferro Medical team is working hard for a long lasting partnership between our companies.


Orion Sutures (India)… “More than a customer: our partners, friends and family. I felt an immediate connection with Mr. Sudarshan from our first meeting, remembering the honor in having met his father in 2017.” (Claudio Mazzaferro)


In second day at MEDICA… thanks to Ailee team for the kind meeting!

Thank you all for the good reception:
• Ajit Raje (Pregna)
• Chakib Mered (Promedal)
• Ivan Starovoitov (Footberg)
• Girish Shah (Umberagon)
• Laura and Josefina (Promedon)
• Dante Galván and Cecilia (Unilene)
• Tatiana Sokolova (Balumed)
• Fedar Klyhin (Fiatos)
• Mohamed Sabry (Taisier-Med)

Claudio Mazzaferro | CEO
Anderson Bueno | Sales Manager