Mazzaferro Medical in Las Vegas

Task done at WVC Conference!

Getting ready for the new edition of American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS).

Claudio Mazzaferro and Alexandre Fuzinelli visiting Justin Anderson (CEO) at Tensor Surgical today in Las Vegas… a special meeting based on affinity, empathy and partnership. Something that goes beyond the mere relationship between supplier and client, being strengthened over the last 3 years.

Starting an intense work at AAOS… Many meetings with an incredible exchange of experiences and insights about our market!

• Raj Chavan (CEO & owner) – Dunamis Medical
• Paulo Gregorio and Leonardo Galindo – Iconacy
• Marcelo Scavitti (R&D Manager) – GM Reis
• Patryk Kania (owner) – Field Orthopaedics
• Ander Menaut Beltran (VP of Engineering) – Abanza
• Seonmi Kim (CEO) – TDM Korea
• Marian Pfeffer (Marketing Director) – Karl Storz
• Jesse Moore (R&D Manager) – Stryker
• Genesis Team

More great meetings in first day at AAOS:

• Anton Vanzyl (R&D Director) – Star Medica
• Sergio Azevedo (Marketing Director) – Neoortho
• Oliver Canpeperstraete (General Manager) – Cousin Surgery
• Robers Luo (Marketing Manager) – Aplus
• Paris Mao – Waston Medical
• Jin Kwon (Director) and Edward Kim – Ajupharm
• Kevin Vucinich (Product Manager) and Steve McQueen (Director of Development) – Movora
• Seul Hak Jo (owner) – DFix Korea

Second day at AAOS with:

• Jeremy Clark (owner) – Tigon Medical
• Teresa – Naton Medical
• Wo Bo (International Project Manager) – Autocam Medical
• Ben Lahn (Product Manager) – Paragon 28
• James Hsieh (VP) – Maxweal Taiwan
• Richard Briganti (owner) – MEDPD Group
• Matias Crescente (CEO) – SAI Argentina
• Christopher Ninh – XCIX Design
• Kevin Kruse (owner) – Speed Clip

Thanks to all for coming!

Claudio Mazzaferro | CEO
Alexandre Fuzinelli | Innovation and R&D Manager